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When In Port: A Guide To Shore Excursions

You’ve booked your cruise. Now it’s time to find out what there is to do when you arrive at a new port. Do you want to go out and explore on your own? Or, do you want a more structured tour where everything is taken care of for you?

If you’re looking to explore on your own, the website is a hidden gem. It gives you useful information like how far of a walk is it from the ship to the city center, a list of “must see” sites, and even the weather averages.

If you’re looking for a structured tour, consider booking a shore excursion. You can go onto your cruise line’s website to find out what shore excursions they offer. These are carefully vetted for quality and guarantee that you’ll make it back to the ship on time. If you find something you like, I suggest booking it ASAP. The high demand excursions fill up quickly, so don’t dawdle.

If an excursion is unavailable through the cruise line, or if you don’t find one you like, we have a sister company called Shore Excursions Group (SEG) which may have something that interests you. There are three major perks to booking through SEG: They offer the same or similar shore excursions for cheaper than the cruise line (majority of the time), SEG limits their groups mostly to only 15-20 people, lastly they also guarantee that you’ll make it back to the ship on time. If interested, here is the link:

Another option for those going to warmer locations, is . This is another one of our sister companies. You can pay to enter a resort for a whole day and use their amenities, which generally means open bar, unlimited food, and fun in the sun for a reasonable price.

NOTE: When booking from any site, please make sure you read each description CAREFULLY so you know exactly what you’re getting into. Check how long the excursion is, if there are meal/snacks/drinks provided, and if it lists a difficulty level.

Whatever you decide to do, HAVE FUN!

If you have any questions before your trip regarding Shore Excursions, feel free to contact me at or call at (706) 705-1265. If you have any questions when on the ship about shore excursions, you can check out the Shore Excursions Desk. On ocean cruises, it’s in the Atrium, on river cruises, you can visit the front desk.

TIP: If you feel like staying on board and not going out into port, consider pampering yourself at the Spa. They typically discount their services by 20% or more while you are docked in port.

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