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6 Useful Things (you wouldn't think of) to Pack for your Next Cruise.

Updated: Dec 9, 2018

Yes-- t-shirts, shorts, and underwear are obvious when packing for your next cruise, but here are 6 not so obvious things that make life a little easier when aboard. You can thank me later.

1.) A Highlighter

Each evening, your cabin steward will leave a schedule of events in your room for the next day. As you start to read it, you'll quickly realize ocean cruises are jammed pack with tons of things to do. It is easy to over look activities that interest you like trivia, bingo, martini tastings, and art auctions (think free champagne) . Use your highlighter! Simply highlight what events interest you so you don't accidentally miss one.

2.) A Power Strip

Most cabins don't have enough electric outlets or they are located in weird places. Save yourself the headache and bring a power strip. Plus we have lots of gadgets (cell phones, c-pap machines, cameras, etc) that need charging. Have your travel agent check if your cruise line allows you to bring your own or ask for one from your cruise line.

3.) Post-it Notes

No cell service. No problem. Use post-it notes to communicate with your friends. Stick them to their door so they know where your located on the ship, or use them to communicate with your cabin steward if you need something like extra towels.

4.) Bonine or Dramamine

If you feel sea sick or queasy, it's a good go to. You can find them at any pharmacy. Start taking it a day before you sail.

5.) Copies of Documents

Make a copy of your credit cards, passport, and other important documents for backup. Keep it in a safe place away from the real thing, such as your toiletry kit.

6.) A Small Backpack

An easy option for shore excursions to hold a water bottle, foldable umbrella, rain jacket, or anything else so your hands are free to take pictures.

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