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What I Learned From Covid-19

Poof….there went my business.

Three months ago, my business was going full steam ahead until COVID-19 screeched it to a halt. But, some good has come out of it.

All those folks who didn’t use a travel agent to make their arrangements wish they had. Now they get the pleasure of trying to get their money back. They will be put on hold on the phone for hours or be forced to go online to the vendor’s websites which will likely crash due to high volume. Good luck talking to a person who can answer your questions. If they had used a travel agent, the agent would work hard to get their money back. The agent would be the lucky person put on hold.

Now that people have been cooped up in their homes, they are going stir crazy. My clients take at least two trips a year, so there is a huge pent up demand to travel. And many brands are offering great deals to sell out future travel. (For example, Viking River Cruises will sail the mighty Mississippi River in 2022. They have already sold out 49% of their inventory). Times a wasting if you know where you want to travel. You aren’t the only one who wants to hit the road.

Many travel agents are throwing in the towel. They don’t know when they’ll be back in business, so they are looking for safer, surer work. That’s good news for me. That’s less competition for me.

The moral of the story is, save yourself the hassle of booking your arrangements. Call your trusty travel agent, me, to make your arrangements. And if something goes wrong, I’ll do my best to get the problem resolved as quickly as possible. At least, you won’t be the lucky person on hold.

Click here to schedule a time for a Free Cruise Planning Session. Stay well and stay safe.

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