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Have You Ever Considered Taking a Cruise with Your Friends and Family?

Cruising with your friends, family or business associates as a group has many benefits.

You are more comfortable. You are traveling with your friends so you don’t have to make small talk with strangers who you probably will never see again. You avoid the uncomfortable situation and can be relaxed as soon as you board the ship.

You will pay less for your cruise because your travel agent will negotiate to get group rates.

You will get free or reduced rates for kids traveling with you.

You will most likely get onboard credit (OBC). You can use OBC in the gift shops, for shore excursions, spa treatments, internet access, drinks, specialty restaurants, professional photos or the casino. It’s one of the best perks in cruising.

You may get a bottle of free wine in your stateroom, a drink package, or specialty dining.

You may get a group cocktail party if your group is large enough.

You will get a free berth (one person in the cabin) if your group is large enough. On most cruise lines if you have 8 staterooms, the 16th passenger sails free.

So now you know the advantages of taking a group cruise vacation. Pretty good- huh?

Our latest Viking River Cruise Group

The best way to set up a group reservation is by using your trusty travel agent who is experienced in setting up groups. Groups are complicated and time-consuming to arrange so use a pro and save yourself the hassle.

Now, one thing about groups… have to plan far out so you can secure space and contact all your friends that will be going with you.

So now is the time to plan for your group cruise.

If you are ready to explore doing a group cruise, schedule a cruise planning session with me at I’d love to help you create a great group vacation.

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