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The Future Cruise Desk-- A Little Known Secret in Cruising

If you’re enjoying your current cruise and are ready for an excellent deal on your next, consider visiting the Future Cruise Desk on board. Most often it’s located in the Atrium on ocean cruises and the concierge desk on river cruises. You meet with a Future Cruise Consultant, who in my experience are no pressure people that will offer great incentives. You can choose to book a specific cruise or if you don’t know where you want to go, you can purchase a certificate of deposit for later use.

Even though you are booking on board, they will ask if you use a travel agency. It’s important to mention your travel agent as the deals they offer can be combined with the deals the travel agency has. This also allows the travel agent access to your reservation to take care of all your needs from here on out until your next voyage.

All cruise lines are slightly different, but here are some benefits of using the Future Cruise Desk:

-Significantly reduced deposits on your next cruise (most are refundable if you don’t use them)

-Past passenger savings

-On board credit to be used on your current cruise (or future cruise)

-Reduced fare based on your stateroom category and sailing date

-On board voucher savings, such as pay $100 to get a voucher worth $200. They are transferable, so you can even give it to your friend for their next cruise!

So if you enjoy cruising as much as I do, consider using the Future Cruise desk on your next cruise to save money.

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